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Dar es Salaam:

National Symbols

The National Flag

Ratio length to breadth:

Three to two


Green - Golden - Black and Blue, having the black justify stripe centred on diagonal rising from flag-mast to top edge of the fly, two smaller golden stripes dividing the upper triangle portion which is green and the lower triangle portion which is blue.

Proportions of colours:

Black justify stripe, centred on diagonal of flag of 6ft. x 4ft., is 13/48 of fly and 13" wide.Golden stripes are each 1/16 of fly and 3" wide.

Colour and its Significance:

Black:  - the People
Green: - the Land
Blue:   - the Adjoining Sea
Golden:  - the Mineral wealth

National Anthem

Verse I

God Bless Africa

Bless its leaders

Let Wisdom Unity and

Peace be the shield of

Africa and its people



Bless Africa

Bless Africa

Bless the children of Africa.



Verse II

2. God Bless Tanzania

Grant eternal Freedom and Unity

To its sons and daughters.

God Bless Tanzania and its People.




Bless Tanzania

Bless Tanzania

Bless the children of Tanzania


The Tanzania National Coat of Arms


The central feature of the Coat of Arms is a Warrior’s Shield which bears a Golden portion on the upper part followed underneath by the UnitedRepublic flag of Green, Golden, Black and Blue; and a red portion under which are wavy bands of blue and white.

The Golden portion represents minerals in the UnitedRepublic; the red portion underneath the flag symbolizes the red soil of Africa; while the wavy bands represent the land, sea, lakes and coastal lines of the UnitedRepublic.

Superimposed features on the Shield are flames of a burning torch which signifies freedom, enlightment and knowledge; a spear signifying defence of freedom and crossed axe and hoe being tools that the people of the UnitedRepublic use in developing the country.

The Shield is set upon a representation of Mount Kilimanjaro.On each side of the Shield there is an elephant tusk supported by a man on the right and a woman on the left.At the feet of the man is a clove bush and at the feet of the woman is a cotton bush – thus indicating the theme of co-operation.The UnitedRepublic motto – Uhuru na Umoja – is written in Kiswahili and it means ‘Freedom and Unity’.


The Uhuru Tourch


The Uhuru Torch symbolizes freedom and light.It was first lit on top of mount Kilimanjaro (5,890m) in 1961.Symbolically to Shine the country and across the borders to bring hope where there is despair, love where there is enmity and respect where there is hatred.Yearly there is the Uhuru Torch race, starting from different prominent places.

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